DIY Rainbow Room!

DIY Rainbow Room!


If you’ve existed on the internet any time in the past 20 years (yes, it’s been 20 years since 2002, let that sink in!) you’ve probably seen at least one rainbow room. These rooms use a combination of lights, crystals, and decor to create a bright and colorful aesthetic…one we were seriously craving this week! 

We decided to create our own rainbow room and of course, post it on YouTube! Long before  anyone gets a chance to see the  video, here’s your exclusive sneak peek on what we used…and where we found it! 

Our room was inspired by the image above, from @moony_creations on instagram. Check back after we’ve posted the YouTube video for pics of the way ours turned out! 

The bed in our rainbow room is  The IKEA Kura  reversible bed. Our particular room has one sloping wall, so the ceilings aren’t high enough for a proper loft or four post bed. The Kura is just short enough to fit, and just high enough that we can use the space under it for storage or even to fit another person. 

Faux fur is everywhere in our room: in the cushions, on the floor, and on the furniture! We wanted being in this room to feel like floating on a cloud. Sets of semi sheer curtains in a variety of colours turned the bed into a tactile oasis tucked away in the room. 

Lighting is extremely important in a bedroom: it’s the darkest room in the house! The  real stars of the show are, of course, the rainbow crystals in the windows.

We used them in pretty large numbers in our rainbow room, to make an impact, and because there are just so many available! 

Check these out! They are responsible for the rainbow patterns on the walls. Well, some of them. 

It’s harder to create that rainbow look when there’s low light or none at all, and we also wanted to be able to control the lighting situation. 

For “night mode”, we started with color changing remote controlled wall lights on the far wall. We placed them under semi sheer curtains so they wouldn’t be too “hey, look at me”…unless the room’s owner wants them to be! We were really excited to find a set that also react to music, because honestly who doesn’t need that feature. 

A light curtain can be a great way to create an accent wall or add mood lighting without turning the monthly hydro bill into a scary experience. They’re great night lights! 

 Changing the lighting is the easiest way to change the entire mood of a room, whenever you feel like it, without having to change the wall color. The  color change light bulb that connects to our wiz app was a must. If you have kids, these bulbs allow you to control the lights from an app: no more nagging the kids to switch the lights off! For us, each bulb has lasted four years (and counting)…much longer than a typical light bulb. And they have every setting from deep blue sea to party mode. Definitely a must for setting the scene. 

Update! Unless your room has no ceiling light fixture! We thought we had one, but it turned out to be a 2 prong fixture from 1952 or something. We opted to install an ocean wave light rather than trying to find a bulb for it.

The rest of the decor was extremely simple, because the room is very small (just 8x10)! We added a   dressing table with a flip up top that can be used for writing, crafting, or hair brushing and makeup…makeuping…as well as a ghost chair, a small white bookcase, and even more faux fur!

The idea was not to overwhelm the room with brightly colored objects and furniture. We wanted lighting to be the star of the show, so that you really feel transported in this room. 


The entire transformation would cost less than $60 in a room that is already furnished, so we’re keeping the costs down for you! There’s also something so wonderful about collecting sun catchers. Where Eco Asylum lives in the GTA, there are a number of wonderful events where there’s often somebody selling stained glass art or sun catchers. They’re all so different and unique! 

We’ve decided to dabble in making our own, so watch  out for new products and DIY supplies here on the website. 

To see our tiny guest room go from this: 

To something more like this:


Check out Viola’s YouTube channel at (or just click here to be magically transported!) 


If the original image also inspired you, and you’d like to do a full-out style steal, here’s where you can find the decor used to create the @moony_creations rainbow loft:


The pictured IKEA morabosectional no longer comes in white, but Kathy Kuo home has a number of lovely alternatives for under $5000The white wingback chair will cost you a pretty penny, but many wedding rental services also rent them, in case you only want the aesthetic for the day. A hanging swing chair completes the look, wearing what looks to be a beaded curtain or a belly dance shawl. Is that a full size disco ball hanging in the corner? Not judging, but there are sound activated cheaper alternatives We can’t wait to see how the rainbow room turns out…can you?

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