Do your mornings suck? Bathroom organization might be your problem!

Do your mornings suck? Bathroom organization might be your problem!

If bathroom organization is a problem in your home, mornings can be exhausting. Nobody wants to get ready in a disorganized mess. But how can your bathroom become an oasis, instead of a chore? 

Every morning, you get up, use the bathroom, and prepare for your day. And for a lot of us, the bathroom fights back. Things fall on us, we can’t find what we’re looking for, or we’re haunted by products we bought once and never used! Here are some steps you can take right now to make your mornings so easy…you might even have time to yourself before you have to go out! 

(15 minute read with a 13 minute video at the end) 


Make a Plan 

Most of us don’t have time to pull everything off the shelves and completely re-organize our space, especially in a house where someone always has to use the toilet, shower, or grab something. Instead, take the time to just look at your space. What do you have, where is it, and how can it be better organized? 

Find What You Need

Find Organization Tools online or at local discount stores to help you separate and categorize your items. While looking through your stuff, you might be surprised to see how many of the same items are scattered in different places around your home or bathroom. Once you have a storage and organization system in place, everything will just flow naturally into the place you’ve created for it, no effort needed! 

Make It Personal

Too many of us create storage with some other home in mind, so it doesn’t work for us. When you design storage with your own personal preferences in mind, it works better for you. 

Whether you choose simple storage boxes, bins, shelf extenders, or even those super aesthetic clear stackable shelf organizers is up to you and what looks amazing in your space! 


Choose Your (Simple) Categories

 The easiest way to organize is by category. The typical categories found in a bathroom are liquid, paper, fabric, and miscellaneous. Your miscellaneous section might be baby changing supplies, period supplies, your collection of bath bombs, or anything you have a lot of and no place for. 

Once you have everything in general categories, you can sort it by type: for example by sorting liquids into hair, face, and body products or fabrics into towels, linens, and shower curtains. 

Just Move Stuff

Start moving stuff into the space you’ve created. All of a sudden, life feels easier. It’s also easy to walk away from the space and come back to it when you have more time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and (sadly) it’s not easy to schedule a full afternoon for organizing! 

It seems most of us would rather do something more interesting with our time. Heh. Go figure. 


Chuck and Toss

Over time or in an afternoon if you’re feeling industrious, start donating, recycling, and tossing products that are expired (oh yes my friend products expire!), that you don’t use, or that take up too much space but have no real use. 


Reduce Your Waste

Make a list of things you’ve thrown away and why. For example, you might have a bullet journal page with categories like “allergic” “favourites” “weird smell” and so on. Or you might just keep a handy list in your wallet to pull out when you see some fancy packaging and wonder “have I bought this before and what did I think of it. 

You don’t have to become a zero waste blogger to reduce your impact on the environment. Just reducing your personal waste by a few bottles and jars a year can have a huge impact. Not just on the environment, but on your finances. It feels great when you wake up in the morning and everything in your bathroom is something you love and want to use! 


Replace, Repaint Repair


Even if you change nothing else, replacing fixtures and changing cupboard knobs can give your bathroom a whole new look. They can even dress your bathroom up for the holidays with items that are easy to store. Let me explain:

In our house, we have different knobs for holidays:  heart shaped  knobs for Valentine’s Day, green ones for Christmas. We store them in small stacking boxes in the bathroom cabinet. It’s a great way to look like you went all out for the holidays, without spending a bundle or having to store bulky items. 

Most bathrooms can use a minor update, whether it’s a cute new switch plate cover or a new shower head. In fact, next week’s video is all about minor updates that will make your bathroom shine! 

All for You! 

It’s all about being able to enjoy your bathroom. Make it your personal oasis, and the perfect space for you. When we feel like a space is working well for us, we can start the day off feeling like everything else will work out. 

For more tips, tricks, and visuals, check out today’s video: 

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